Binder Recycling Program at STAPLES®

Main image for Binder Recycling Program at STAPLES®

NOTE:  This program is NOT taking place on-site at Exploris, nor do we receive credit for recycling binders – it’s just a great way to be green!

Staples is operating an everyday program to collect binders in their stores nationwide! You can make your school shopping eco-friendly by bringing your empty, used binders to a Staples store near you. When you bring your empty binder(s) to the checkout counter, you will be given a $2 credit toward the new binder you want to purchase***.

To participate, all you have to do is bring in your old (and empty) binder to any Staples location. When you turn in your binder(s) at the check-out counter, you should bring the binder(s) that you want to purchase with you. For each binder you turn in, you will receive a $2 credit toward your new binder purchases*. By bringing your old binders to Staples stores, you are helping to keep these binders out of the garbage, and ultimately out of landfills. Every binder that Staples collects through this program will be recycled and used in the creation of new products.

Binder Recycling Program at STAPLES accepted waste: all makes and models of binders

***Note: This is a one-for-one program (one $2 binder recycle credit for each binder purchased) and there is no cash back. The value of the recycling credit cannot exceed the purchase price of the binder being bought. The program is for same-day purchases at the time of the transaction and will not be honored for future purchased. This program also does not apply to the purchase of any Simply brand binders.

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