1. We have two families living in the North Hills/Crabtree Valley Mall area interested in adding a third family for carpool to rotate every third week (morning and afternoon). Also participating in afterschool 3 days per week (Tu, Wed, Thurs). Please contact me if interested or with questions. Thanks! Chip Law 919-437-3847 or chiplaw3@gmail.com

  2. We have 3 families in our carpool. We are looking to add one more child and a driver who can do afternoons. Two of our moms share the mornings and I am doing the afternoons. Two of us are off West Lake Road by Middle Creek Park. One family is off Johnson Pond Road. If you are interested, please contact me at 919-773-9684 or Maryann.schaffer@gmail.com. Thanks, Maryann

  3. Hi families, I wanted to pass along info that Mae emailed to me today about Before School Care . Before school care will be available at 7:30 am at Exploris Elem. That is a change from the 7am start that was communicated with original plans. Apparently the change in the school start time changes the before-school care time. That puts a big wrench in things for us, but we will try to make it work. We live off Auburn-Knightdale Road near Knightdale and Garner and would be happy to talk with nearby families! Mae did say that they might try to make the time 7:15 if there is teacher availability and enough interest from families in an earlier time.

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