Donate towards getting 6th Grade a Projector System

6th Grade has a new project now accepting donations.  When funded, the 6th Grade will have a new ceiling mounted projector system, screen, and speakers. The equipment had to be split into 2 projects because of restrictions, so feel free to contribute to both. The second project hasn’t been posted by DonorsChoose yet.  I’ll post again when it’s available. You can also just search for Exploris on

Link to Project


Contribute in the next 7 days (before Sat., Feb. 23) and the Board will match your donation!  And if you work for SAS and contribute through the SAS web site, SAS will match it, too. That’s a lot of free money, folks, so please contribute now if you are planning to donate. Type in INSPIRE for the match code when paying to get your donation doubled.

If you don’t want to make the 15% suggested donation part of your donation, click “optional 15% donation” to adjust your percentage to what you would prefer to donate towards DonorsChoose. See below:

6th Grade Technology In The Classroom

in honor or in memory donation
Receives a $1.00 match from Friends and Family for Teachers! 
(Match offer will be activated when you complete your donation.)


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includes optional 15% donation
to support

The 7th Grade projector system is completely funded, and the 8th Grade equipment has already started coming in, so let’s catch the 6th graders up!

Here’s a link describing the projector:

Questions about DonorsChoose?  Email Khristi at the bottom of the blog.

Questions about the equipment? Talk to Andrea, Frank, or Helene.

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