The Carpool Map Has Been Updated

A new version of the carpool map has been posted.  A few notes:

  • If you would like to carpool but haven’t filled out the form, fill it out ASAP or you may miss out on getting in a carpool.
  • We will try to post  a new map every evening while people are still signing up. This is not guaranteed.
  • If you filled out the form this afternoon but you aren’t on today’s map, DON’T fill out the form again.  You’ll be on the next map.
  • For those of you who have filled out the form twice, I took the latest version of the form and deleted the first.
  • For those of you who filled out the form twice and used different addresses, I left both in.  If that’s not what you want me to do, email  me.
  • The map still isn’t displaying carpool info about cross-country, etc.  We are working on that.
  • If you would like to carpool but no one lives near you, try contacting the closest people and see if you can meet somewhere.
  • Some people are using the comments on the Carpool page to make note of special situations or needs they have.  Feel free to do the same. We can use that page like a message board.
  • The Carpool page is password protected.  The half-page you may have picked up yesterday at Meet the Teacher has the password on it. If you can’t find it or didn’t get it, email me and include your address so I can verify who you are.
  • Questions? Email me from the Contacts page.

Visit the Carpool Page.


  1. Hi Khristi! Can you send me the password to the carpool map? I just filled out the form tonight. 2917 Hayward Ct, Garner, NC.

    Thanks, Laura Johnson

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Sorry but I didn’t receive anything with password on it. Michele Zaytoun (Becket Waters’ mom) 4611 Zaldivar Way Raleigh, NC 27612



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