School Dance – SATURDAY, October 5th at PNC Arena 6:30p-9:30p


Exploris Middle School Fall Dance
Saturday, October 5, 2013
6:30-9:30 P.M.
PNC Arena – 1400 Edwards Mill Road, Raleigh
$15 Admission at the VIP entrance near the box office
There will be friends, refreshments and a DJ!

Unlike many middle schools, Exploris Middle School dances are very well attended by both girls and boys, a lot of fun, and often a highlight of the school year!  

(Please note that this dance will be taking place on a SATURDAY as October 5th is the only  date the PNC has available.  Please be sure to thank our teachers and staff for willingly chaperoning our children on a Saturday night!  Special thanks also to Kristin Poirier, our PTO Dance Chairperson, for planning, decorating, and coordinating this event!)

Chaperones are needed! If you would like to volunteer, please sign up at:

Frequently Asked Questions…

1) Why do we have dances at the PNC Arena?  Simply put, the PNC Arena covers all of our needs.  It is conveniently located for the majority of families, parking is free, pick-up and drop-off is safe, security and housekeeping services are provided (we are only required to do light clean-up – no moving tables, chairs, vacuuming, etc…), the kids think it’s cool which drives up attendance, and in exchange for using catering services, they waive the facility rental fee so we get more for our money.  The downside is that it’s difficult to book! (If you do know of an alternative location that meets our needs, please share!)

2) Why do dances cost so much?  Well, after informally checking with several Wake County middle schools, we learned that we are not significantly more than most school dances.  Typically, school dances charge $5 for admittance to cover a DJ and janitorial fees and offer pizza, popcorn, and beverages for sale.  On average, middle school students spend $10-$15 at a school dance even without the added expense of an off-site facility.

3) Who chaperones and what is expected of them?  We use a lot of chaperones!  In addition to 6-7 teachers, we ask for 12 parent volunteers.  Our teachers keep a close eye on student behavior and parents monitor bathrooms, hallways, dance room, food areas, collect admittance fees, sign in students, and sign out students.  The PNC Arena also has security onsite to make sure kids don’t wonder off to unauthorized areas.  With the number of volunteers we have, it’s really not too stressful, but chaperones cannot be shy – please be prepared to speak up and correct a student’s behavior.

4) Is there food there?  Does it cost anything?  The admittance fee covers all refreshments.  Refreshments include Buffalo Wings, Veggie Trays, Chips & Salsa, Popcorn, Cookies, Lemonade and Water.

5) What should my child wear?  Neat, dress-code attire is required.  You will see a full range of outfits – very dressy dresses to jeans for girls and button-down/polo shirts to t-shirts for boys.  A lot of kids dance the entire time so nothing too hot is a good idea as well.

6) What kind of music is played?  Popular, “radio-version” (edited) music is played by the DJ.

7) How do I drop-off for the dance?  Parents may either escort their child (or group) in or drop off their child (or group) at the VIP Entrance near the box office.  Students are required to sign-in and pay their admittance fee upon arrival.

8) How do I pick up my child?  So that no one is left behind, we ask that parents sign out students when they arrive.    Please park and come into the building to sign out your child (as well as any other children you are picking up).  If you are unable to enter the building, please have your child notify the sign-out volunteers and they will escort your child to you.

9) What if I need to pick up early.  Please park and come into the building to sign out your child (as well as any other children you are picking up).  You should plan on retrieving your child from the dance area as they will unlikely be able to hear their phone!

10) Are parents welcome?  Of course!  Please feel free to stop in anytime.

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