NEW DONORSCHOOSE POST! Document Camera for Student Support (supporting all grades)! Double Your Money if completed by FRIDAY 10/4/13 (Special Attn: SAS Employees)

(Why is this Special Attn: SAS Employees?  Everyone can donate through to help with the Student Support Team purchase and double your donation this week, but if a SAS Employee donates to DonorsChoose through the SAS web site, then SAS will also match the donation, so your donation is effectively tripled if made by Oct. 4.)

Double Your Donations with the Match Code: INSPIRE

For the next 5 days until October 4, the Board of Directors will match all donations to this project if you type the code INSPIRE into the Match Code field.

Things to Remember:

Thank you!!!

Questions about DonorsChoose?  Email Khristi from the Contacts page.

Questions about the equipment? Talk to Mark Congdon.

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