Soap Sales Starts This Week –

Soap Art 2013 - 4The Exploris Soap Sale is this week and we have this year’s art to look at before you order!

  • Orders must be turned in by Tuesday, Nov. 5, which is only a little over a week away.
  • Here is the link to this year’s order form. Please note that the products displayed on the form are Soap Art 2013 - 2from last year because time constraints don’t allow us to include packaging for this year’s products in the fliers.
  • Here are the Exploris Soap Art Winners. Each artwork is labeled with the name of the product and the artist.

The soap sale is a fundraiser for Exploris that the generosity of a former Exploris parent Soap Art 2013 - 3allows us to hold. The parent owns a local company that produces very high quality soaps, lotions, body washes, and lip balms and they offer a select group of products at a greatly reduced price so our students and families can sell them and keep the profit for the Exploris PTO.

Questions? Email Billie Alessie.

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