Elementary School Teacher Bios

Dear Exploris Families:

We are rapidly approaching the start of the new school year.  What an exciting time it is!!!


I hope you know how appreciative the staff and I are of your patience and trust in us as we work to create a relevant, rigorous, and relationships-based elementary experience for your little ones.  As we set up programming, we are being quite intentional about infrastructure. One of the questions we have been getting frequently is around class assignments and teachers.  Unlike the traditional elementary setting, Exploris is very much a team-, or as we call it “crew,” experience.  You’ll hear us talk a great deal about the k/1 Crew, 2/3 Crew, and 4/5 Crew.  While your child may spend a larger percentage of time with one of these crew teachers, your child will experience a good bit of flexible grouping, co-teaching, and instruction in all of the grade level teachers’ classrooms.


Before school starts, the grade level teachers will be reviewing whatever information we have on each child.  We’ve worked hard to get cumulative folders from past schools.  For students new to public school, we use the Enrollment Form as our main source of information on your child. We are looking to create equitable classrooms.  In Outward Bound language, we talk about “balancing the boat.”  We want classrooms to be as balanced as possible with regards to gender, ethnicity, academic levels, and even personalities.  To that end, it’s impossible to glean all of that from one form, or even a collection of school records.  Much will be learned during the first week of school.


Our goal is to communicate with parents by the end of next week which teacher each child should report to for the first day of school.  It’s important for parents to understand that this may NOT be the child’s teacher for the rest of the school year.  Each grade level crew will be getting to know all of the students and then may be re-balancing, so to speak.  We feel confident that this “getting to know you” period will allow for our teachers to create optimal classroom make-ups that maximize the experience of all students throughout the year.


That said, I am pleased to introduce Exploris Elementary’s grade level Crews in the attached PDF. Elementary staff bios



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