IMPORTANT: Parent’s Back to School Check List

To Do:

  1. Look at the 2014-15 Back to School Checklist page ASAP.
  2. Print and fill out forms to turn into teachers at Back to School Day on Friday, Aug. 15. Otherwise, send forms in to school with your kids next week.
  3. Watch the Blog for posts whenever the Back to School Checklist is updated.  Then check the top of the page for updated forms and information and follow through with any needed action.

There are a ton of forms and letters and To Dos that parents have to take care of at the beginning of every year. In addition, this year Exploris is trying to keep as many things on line as possible.

To make things easier on everyone, I have created a Parent’s Back to School Checklist page, found here. You can also reach this page on the blog under the Forms/Downloads menu. If you do everything on the list, you will be completely on top of everything Exploris.

I am still getting this document updated as the school and teachers update their documents. To make it really obvious which documents haven’t been updated, old links are marked through. All regular links are up-to-date.

Take at look at the page and print and fill out necessary forms. You can turn forms into teachers at the Back to School Day tomorrow if you don’t want to risk your kids forgetting to turn them in later.

After tonight, I will move all updated links to the very top of the page to make it really obvious which ones are new. That will make it easier for you to keep up with what you have already done. You can also print the page off and physically check them off as you get them done.

Questions? Ask me tomorrow at the PTO Table at the Back to School event or email me.

Khristi Tomlinson
PTO President

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  1. Khristi- what is the password for the intranet so I can access the school forms? My son Sam Willson is a 7th grader.


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