6 tips for Exploris Car Pool Pickup






Reposted from Summer’s email:

Happy First Day of School! Those of you familiar with us know that the first week of car pool is always a big, hairy bear!  It gets better, I promise, but here are some VERY HELPFUL points:

1.   Most importantly – BE NICE! We are one big family here and this isn’t Jersey. You do no one a service by honking and cursing irately. We’re all trying to do the best we can. If you feel you can’t come through our car pool and BE NICE, park your car a block away and walk to get your child.

2.   DO NOT block West!  Follow the lights.  Green lights have the right of way.  All others should STOP. Don’t try to inch your way around the corner at West & Hillsborough. Wait your turn!


– If you’re trying to get to the carpool line in the Ugly Monkey lot, come straight across Harrington from Edenton, Jones St., or points further North. You may have to wait at the light while we get traffic moving, but please be patient.

– If you are coming from the single rider lane on Hillsborough, CROSS Harrington and then turn right one block up on Dawson. Dawson will take you to Western Blvd, Garner, Clayton, or you can right turn on Morgan to take you to Boylen Ave. No need to turn onto Hillsborough.

4.   If you are coming from the points South (Western Blvd, Garner, Clayton, etc.) and trying to get in the single rider lane on Hillsborough, take McDowell St. to Hargett.  Turn Left on Hargett, Right on West, and then right on Hillsborough.

5.  DO NOT use your cell phone at all while in the carpool line!

6.   Again, BE NICE! Even on our worst days, it takes us no longer than 15 minutes to clear all students and cars from our queuing lines.

If you feel that is too long a wait, it will take you only about 5 minutes to park at the free parking garage on West (in between Raleigh Crossfit and Natty Greene’s) and walk up to get your child.  Added bonus – exercise, fresh air, and peace of mind.

If you have a nanny, child care provider, aunt, grandma, grandpa, high school child, or any other person who picks up your child and might benefit from this information, please forward it along.


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  1. Another is not to arrive too early. There were many cars lined up, blocking traffic on Harrington north of Hillsborough at about 3:13 yesterday. Some probably arrived as early as 3:00. We really should not even think about getting into line before 3:12. Drive around Raleigh a couple times, it is a wonderful city!! Another thing is to wait as far right as you can to get into line even north of Hillsborough. Remember these are public streets and people who have to get through these streets need the space to do so.

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