2014-15 Exploris PTO President-Elect Needed

All of our Exploris PTO Board and committee positions have been filled except for the President-Elect position. If possible, we would like an elementary parent to volunteer for the President-Elect position since I, the acting PTO President, have an 8th grader. We want to make sure that both locations of Exploris are well represented on the Board.

The President-Elect will attend PTO meetings and assist the president as needed while learning the job. The President-Elect will serve as PTO President during the 2015-16 school year.

I just wanted to clarify for parents who may be confused: Exploris is one school with two locations at the moment, so the Exploris PTO includes both elementary and middle school parents and teachers. We would like a lot of volunteers from both locations so that we can fully understand and meet the needs of all teachers and students.

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