Shannon’s Shortcuts for Ordering Lunch

Thanks, Shannon!

Shannon’s Shortcuts for Ordering Lunch

For parents (like me) that don’t have the patience for a video.

1. Set up account which is easy. No weird password requirements.
2. LogIn
3. Click on order. Calendar appears on August, but food delivery does not start until September. This part is a bit confusing. You must slide the calendar to September. Then you will see you can click on "order."
4. Click on Sept 9. Order by clicking on left box. Click "save/next day" OR if not ordering just click "next day."
5. The website moves you to the next order day.
6. I went ahead and ordered through Fall Break which is the last week of October.
7. Pay with your credit card.

Prices were reasonable. I ordered 12 lunches for $58 with tax.

Shannon Hardy
Exploris Middle School
6th Grade Teacher

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