Notice to PTO Members of Proposed Amendment to Bylaws (re: PTO Name Change)

bylawsNotice to PTO Members of Proposed Amendment to Bylaws:  At the September 19th general membership meeting of the PTO, in conjunction with the school picnic, there will be a vote to amend the Bylaws of the PTO to formally change the name of the organization to “Exploris PTO.”  This is in conjunction with the Board’s recent decision to amend the Articles of Incorporation of the PTO to implement this name change to more accurately reflect the organization in light of the expansion of the school to include elementary grade levels K-5.  The proposal is to amend “Article I – Name” of the Bylaws to now read as follows: “This organization shall be known as the Exploris PTO, hereinafter referred to in these Bylaws as the PTO.”

Here is a link to our bylaws:

(In Summary: we need to vote on changing the name from Exploris Middle School PTO to Exploris PTO at our next general meeting on September 19th and per our bylaws, changes to the bylaws require 2 weeks notice to members.)

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