downloadWhat happens if there is a mistake with a child’s lunch?  It depends on the type of mistake it is and if the teacher is made aware of it.  Please read on!


If possible, students should let teachers know right away if they are missing their entree/side OR received the wrong entree/side.  Using a Daily Lunch Report, the teacher will be able to confirm missing entrees/sides and will do their best to determine if the wrong food was delivered.  (This is hard to do with the Moe’s menu items at the Middle School since the food may have non-descriptive names; this will not be an issue at the elementary school.)

Missing Entree:  If it has been determined that a student is missing his/her entree, or received an entree that he/she cannot eat, the teacher will notify the office right away so that a replacement meal can be ordered and delivered ASAP.

Missing Side, Wrong Side, Incorrect (but Edible) Entree:  If it has been determined that a student received the wrong entree, but can still eat it, we will not call in for a replacement; however, the teacher will note the mistake on the report and turn it in to the office.  The office will call in the mistake and the parent will be issued a credit for the meal.


Some students may not remember what was ordered, may not feel comfortable bringing up an issue (especially if it’s an entree they can eat anyway), may run out of time, or may not be able to confirm with the teacher whether or not a mistake was made and be directed to speak to mom or dad that night.   Whatever the reason, if you believe there was a mistake of any kind with your order, please let My Hotlunch Box know directly by emailing info@myhotlunchbox.com.  They want to make it right!


Please check your account in a timely manner to make sure credits have been properly issued.  If you are missing a credit, please contact info@myhotlunchbox.com directly.

Confused?  Still having problems?  Email Cheryl Rodgers at cheryl.l.rodgers@gmail.com 

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