There’s still time for your child to complete a drawing for the Elementary Soap Art Contest! 

If your child would like to enter a drawing into the contest. She or he must:

Choose from one of the artwork themes:

    • Insects (butterflies, bees, dragonflies etc..)
    • Animals
    • Winter Season
    • Flowers
    • An overall pattern or design
  • Create an original drawing based on one of these themes. The drawing should be of a specific object or animal, OR should be an overall pattern or design. Drawings do not need backgrounds, but should be carefully drawn and colored. Drawings should not show erase marks or smudges.
  • Drawings can be done with: markers, sharpies, colored pencils, or other drawing tools that produce clean lines that will not easily smear or smudge.
  • Artwork should measure approximately 8 ½ x 11. The drawing does not have to completely fill the space, but should be large. Very tiny drawings cannot be well reproduced.
  • Artwork should be clearly labeled on the back with the student’s name and grade level.
  • In order to be considered, completed artwork must be turned into the Elementary School office by Thursday, September 25Artwork turned in after September 25 will not be eligible for the contest. Artwork should be turned in unbent or unwrinkled and free of smudges or tears.

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