Middle Grades Afterschool Enrichment

Seven Thursdays
starting October 16
$60 per pupil
Moonlight Stage Company is offering an 7 week IMPROV workshop for up to 20 sixth-eighth graders.  The students will learn the fundamentals of improvisation in a fun, supportive environment. This is a survey course featuring short form improvisation, basic scene work, listening, teamwork, and character work. Through coaching, performance games, and exercises, students will learn to become more spontaneous, more able to think on their feet, and more in-tune with their natural comedic abilities. This workshop is for anyone interested in unlocking the door to their creativity and sense of humor. [The group will prepare a set to perform at winter Expression’s Day.]  Please see application.  Contact:  Shannon Hardy  shardy@exploris.org
Tuesdays  3:15pm – 4:15pm 
starting October 20th 
Last year a core group of students founded a Minecraft Club.  This year a few students want to extend the club to include Magic. All students are to welcome this group of student-led play as long as an attached application is completed and all schoolwork is done from the previous week.  Please see application.  Contact:  Shannon Hardy  shardy@exploris.org
Third Wednesday each Month
starting October 21st 3:15-4:15pm

Exploris needs middle grades students to become leaders in sustaining and improving our work as a U.S. Green Ribbon School.  We will meet the third Wednesday of each month. Our first meeting, October 22 will be to identify two to three actions for 2014-2015. Once we get organized we will open the team to 4th/5th graders.

Responsibilities will include:
-materials stream management (city cycle, terracycle, compost, landfill)
-maintenance of materials stream centers
-energy conservation strategy
-water conservation strategy
-elementary outreach/education
– student education
-parent outreach/education
– community collaborations specifically with neighboring businesses
-work with Hedgehog to improve systems
-ambassadors willing to speak at City Council, other schools, community meetings, and take interviews with newspapers  (The Raleigh School has already asked for a presentation this spring.)
Parents are also encouraged to join.  Please use the same application to help us begin the process of brainstorming the possibilities for our immediate future.
Please see application.  Contact:  Shannon Hardy shardy@exploris.org
BASKETBALL INTRAMURALS  query for interest….
Grades 4-8th grade
Potentially Saturday Nights
Nov 1, 8, 15, 27, 6, 13, 20
FEE about $40-50 for 7 Saturdays
St. Mary’s will rent Exploris their gym for $80 an hour.  Seventh grade father, Kelly Fox, is looking for a few parents to help lead a basketball intramural program.  The gym rental will depend on student interest, but we could have three hours with the 4-5:30 block for 4th/5th graders and small 6th graders.  The second block for more competitive 6th graders through 8th graders.    The breakdown, logistics, and time will depend on the number of parents and teachers interested in helping to develop the program. Please fill out the following form if you are interested in participating in this intramural program.

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