Soap Sale Ends Tomorrow!

Lavendar Hand & Body ScrubSo far this year, we are about $2500 below where we were last year on Soap Sales orders, which is very unexpected since we were hoping to come close to doubling our sales because we added the elementary school.

Since Soap Sales is a big fundraiser for the PTO, we are concerned and we want to understand why, since the Soap Sale has always been really popular with parents because the quality of the products is excellent. And this year, both elementary and middle school art is featured.

Have you just not gotten around to ordering?

Then you can either order online or send in a form with a check. Visit the Order Soap page for more information on both ways of ordering.

Please send in your order by Wednesday, Nov. 5! (That’s tomorrow!)

Has the ordering process confused you?

Email Coleen Getzen.

Is something else going on that’s keeping you from ordering? Product selection? Ordering process?

Please contact Khristi Tomlinson to share any concerns or problems. You can either email Khristi or call 919-272-3003.

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