Vision-Recycle – used eye glasses collection

Shamik Bhattacharya is an 8th grade student who has permission to have an old eyeglasses donation drive. There is a donation box in Mary Margaret’s office and one at the elementary school as well.

Details about the drive:


I am an eighth grader and I have been wearing glasses since I was 2 years old. I am very grateful to my doctors and my “glasses” to help me get through my daily routine everyday. Vision is truly a gift of life. Re-cycling as we all agree is now a much needed noble cause. Today I want to launch “Vision – Recycle” to our Exploris family. If you have a pair of prescription glasses that you no longer use, please drop it by the main-office in the box marked “Vision – recycle”. I have partnered with that collects used glasses and gives it out to those in need. In this time of the year for thanksgiving and holiday festivities, please donate your glasses, so that some-one, some-where will use your glasses for a new vision.


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