Elementary Global Arts Wants to Borrow your African Items

map-159714_640Elementary Global Arts Wants to Borrow your African Items

Are you world travelers, collectors, or blow-ins from Africa? We are looking to borrow clothing, posters, images, instruments, sculpture… from the African continent with a specific emphasis on the country of Kenya. All of Global Arts will be focusing on the powerful global leader, Wangari Maathai over the months of January and February, and we would like to share authentic items with our students.

Requests for items: Please only send in items that are not too terribly precious. We will do our best to protect your things, but this is an elementary school setting. Please attach a label with your name to the object so that we will be able to return it to you. Please send in your items between December 15 – 19.


For more information, please contact Kirsten Reberg-Horton,kreberghorton@exploris.org

Thank you!

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