Fundraiser: Snack Taxis Being Sold By 8th Grade

In keeping with the Green Ribbon Award and our Earth Friendly focus of Exploris School, 8th grade is selling Snack Taxi bags to raise money for Outward Bound. 

With Snack Taxis, no more plastic bags are needed.  These are easily washed in either the dishwasher or the washing machine.  They last for years- Leah has had hers for 6 years!

NOTE: You may want to buy double the amount you expect you need because sometimes they will be in the wash.

Please help the 8th grade get to Outward Bound and buy your Snack Taxis by March 5th.

Here is how to order:

  1. Log onto
  2. Next, click on fundraising at the bottom of the page.                                                    snack taxi fundraising help
  3. Type “exploris” in the box & “search fundraisers”. Between Thursday, 2/15 and Thursday, March 5, you will be able to access the Exploris shopping area. Simply click on our school name and you will enter our fundraising shopping area.

Here is the official flyer: Snack Taxi 2015

Questions? Email Leah.

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