Check out the Exploris Garden Blog!

Students in 4th, 5th and 7th grade have been working on the garden at the elementary school.  If you’d like to see how things are progressing – check out the blog

Also the garden needs a little help:

  • Someone to cut two gutters so we can hook up two donated rain barrels. Today we had students hauling water in buckets to water our precious plants! Is there a parent out there who knows how to cut the thin metal gutter for us to hook up the rain barrels?
  • Donations of marigolds. Marigolds naturally deter some wild animals, return each year, and are attractive. We’d like to plant these around the edges of the garden area.
  • Watering cans.
  • 5-6 more bags of gardening soil to add around the edges of the garden to plant marigolds.

Please contact Leah if you can help with any of these items.

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