We Need YOU to Volunteer for a PTO Position!

We have 21 open positions on the PTO Board for next year. We need you to volunteer to fill a position help us do all the wonderful things the PTO does for Exploris!

  • We’ve broken jobs down so that the busier jobs will have multiple people to help, so don’t be afraid you’ll be too overwhelmed. 
  • If a job can be easily done outside of work, I’ve marked it with (home).
  • All Board members are expected to attend as many PTO meetings as you can, but we understand that is sometimes not possible. The Secretary must be able to attend Board Meetings, however, because they take minutes. Board meetings will continue to be held primarily at lunch time, most months during the school year.
  • If you volunteer, you can expect a lot of support. We make sure you:
    • Have guidance, including a How-to Guide or coaching by people who have previous held the position
    • Have help finding volunteers to help you with your job
    • Have to deal with very little drama. As a board, we are efficient, hardworking, easy-going, and devoted to making Exploris a great place for our kids!

If you have any questions about a position before agreeing to take it, please give me a call at 919-272-3003. If you want to volunteer, please email me!


Khristi Tomlinson
PTO President

Open 2015-16 PTO Executive Positions

  • President Elect:  OPEN  (It’s a big job, but someone has to do! Please consider take this one on!)
  • (home)Secretary:    OPEN Email the Secretary.
  • (home)VP of Building and Grounds:   OPEN
  • (home)VP of Communications: OPEN  (This position will oversee and assist with the Blog and other communication avenues, and will handle technical jobs like creating forms, managing PayPal buttons, and creating some signups for the PTO.)

Open 2015-16 Committee Chairs 

For a description of the different PTO Committees, please check the Programs and Events page.

  • (home)8th Grade Graduation (traditionally done by a 7th grade parent) – OPEN
  • (home)Adult Social –  OPEN
  • (home)Dances –  OPEN
  • (home)Spring Fundraiser  – OPEN (ES)  & OPEN (MS) 
  • (home)Silent Auction – OPEN (ES)  & OPEN (MS) 
  • (home)Grants – OPEN
  • Hospitality (Staff Luncheons and/or Breakfasts) – OPEN (ES) and OPEN (MS)
  • Lunch Coordinator – OPEN (ES) & OPEN (MS)
  • (home)Passive Fundraising (Box Tops, etc.)– OPEN (ES)OPEN (MS)
  • (home)Soap SalesOPEN (MS)
  • Sunshine – OPEN (MS) OPEN (MS) 

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