Soap Art Winners!

There were some really great submissions this year! We took the artwork to Greenwich (the soap manufacturer) and let their art department choose the winners with the guideline that they try to get representation from each grade. 

When we get the digital layouts, we will display them on the PTO blog so you can see it before you order. Ordering will open next week via paper forms and online. Stay tuned to blog updates and keep checking the PTO site for more information!

Here is the list of winners with the product that their art will be on.

Camden Somers – Lavender Body Scrub

Amelia Lee – Sugar and Spice Bubble Bath

Maeli Gleason – Tea Olive Hand & Body Lotion

Kate Stanford – Tea Olive Hand & Body Lotion

Sophie Smith – Shampoo and Body Bar

Isabel Blasco – Verbena Soap Bars

Kari Tatum – Orange Blossom and Chai Tea Kitchen Lotion

 Lucy Shelton – Tea Olive Shower Gel

Leia Anderson – Gardeners Soap

Milla Bijdo – Lip Balm

 Jacob Teachout – Glycerine Gift Set

 Caitlyn Smith – Bayberry Soap Bars

Emma Smith – Bayberry Soap Bars

Campbell White – Shampoo and Body Bar

Emma Lettie – Gardeners Soap

Anna Claire Hobgood – Glycerine Gift Set

 Anahita Kawale – Verbena Soap Bars

Caroline Dorer – Orange Blossom and Chai Tea Hand Soap

Caroline Cunningham – Liquid Pine Hand Soap

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