Fall Picnic – Another Social this Sunday!!!

Thanks to everyone who made it to the Adult Social at CAM last night!  It was a great evening and we hope everyone had fun! Thanks, as well, to everyone who volunteered to help put together this event!

If you weren’t able to make it because of babysitters, work, sporting events, you forgot OR if you had such a fabulous time that you can’t wait to hang out with Exploris families again, I have great news for you: The Fall Picnic is this Sunday!

That’s right…another opportunity to hang out with the Exploris community is right around the corner and this time you can bring your kids! Weather.com is saying it should be a perfect fall evening.  Bring your picnic, a dessert to share, games for your kids to play.  There will be prizes!

This is a great event because it’s just a laid back dinner in the park! There’s no volunteering, nothing to buy, just a time for kids to play and adults to sit around together.  Put it in your calendars: this Sunday at Pullen Park  Shelters 2 & 3 from 4-7pm!


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