Middle School Dance FAQs

The first Exploris Middle School Dance of the year is coming up next Friday, November 13!  So we thought we would answer some questions that you may be wondering about:

1. Why is a middle school dance being held at the elementary school? This has been a popular question. There are several reasons. In the past, admission cost to our dances has ranged from $8 – $15. We wanted to bring the cost down to $5 to make it even more financially accessible to all students. To do this, we need a space that does not require a rental fee. The multi-purpose room at the elementary school is large enough and is no additional cost. So by using this Exploris site (just as other middle schools use their own facilities for dances) and by asking parents to pitch in with food/drink donations (see sign-up to see exactly what food will be available: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/508094bada92ca75-exploris), we are able to offer a DJ, a photo booth (which will be a fun additional activity for kids to enjoy if they are not dancing) AND food for only $5 per student.

2. Will elementary kids be there during the event? No, this is a middle school event only. In addition, while we appreciate (and need!) parents chaperoning, we ask that younger siblings not accompany you while chaperoning.

3. What type of music will be played? Popular, “radio-version” music will be played by the DJ, who has a lot of school dance experience. He knows that no inappropriate music should be played. In addition, all middle schoolers will have had a chance to suggest a favorite song to be included in the DJ’s playlist. Our 8th grade music committee is coordinating getting student input, which will be submitted to the DJ prior to the event. If your student has suggested a song there is a “pretty good chance” they will hear it at the event.

4. Is there a dress code? Casual, appropriate clothing. The temperature may feel warm in the space with all of the people and movement, so we would suggest clothing that isn’t too warm.

5. What is the raffle all about? We have received some donations from our community of items to give away. The DJ will help draw names and announce winners at a couple different points during the event. When arriving at the dance, students will be asked to write their names on a slip of paper to be entered into the drawings. STUDENTS MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! Our hope is a small raffle might help encourage attendance by middle schoolers who might be hesitant to give the dance a try or think it won’t be as much fun (“as cool”?) to have the dance at the “elementary” school.

6. How will drop-off and pick-up work? The parking lot of the elementary school will be blocked off from 6:15 – 10:00, so there will not be “carpool-style” drop-off or pick-up. We want to keep the entry area as safe as possible for students walking to/from the school entry as well as give parents a place to gather and visit as they wait for their students to come out. Only park in the school parking lot if you are a teacher or a confirmed chaperone. We have permission from WYMLA to use their parking lot across Swain St. for this event. Students will sign themselves in when they enter.

7.  Are parents welcome? There will be enough teachers and parent chaperones present to make sure the event is fun and safe for everyone. If you need to pick up your child before 9:30, please feel free to come in, find your child and check out the scene! However, inside gathering space for adults will be extremely limited (the ES front lobby is very small) during the event, so we would discourage parents who are not signed up to be official chaperones  from planning on using this event as an opportunity to hang out inside with other parents. But please feel free to hang out outside and chat! If a parent decides to attend the event, just be sure to follow all chaperone guidelines.

8. A final note: This is an Exploris event only, so we cannot allow students to bring non-Exploris friends to the dance. Consider this an opportunity for your middle schoolers to have a great time together outside of regular school hours!

A huge thank-you to all of the parents who have already signed up to chaperone and/or provide food! We really appreciate it. We also have an amazing group of 8th graders helping us decorate & plan the dance. It’s going to be a LOT of fun!!

Penney and Ann

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