SPIRIT WEEK is next week!

Monday, December 14th is Fan Day: What are you a fan of? Show your spirit, and represent your favorite sports team, book/movie character, or anything else you support. 

Tuesday, December 15th is Wacky Tacky Day: From stripes and plaid to every color in the visual spectrum, Wacky Tacky day is the day to dress as funky as you please.

Wednesday, December 16th is Pajama Day: Bunny slippers and unicorn pajamas. Pajama Day is your chance to roll out of bed and come straight to school. Dress comfortably!

Thursday, December 17th is Twin Day or Dress Like a Teacher Day: Twin, triplet, or quadruplet with your friends. Come to school dressed like a teacher. Twin with your teacher. The possibilities are almost endless.

Friday, December 18th is Crew Day: This Exploris classic carries on another year. You and your crew can decide what you want to dress as. Talk to your crew teacher about past Crew Days and make sure this one is a day to remember. Be creative and have fun!

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