Exploris Crew Parents Wanted

There are so many incredible school events, trips, and activities that occur on a daily basis at Exploris, it’s easy to miss out on something. In an effort to better inform and involve our parents, we are asking for parents to volunteer to be designated “Crew Parents” for each grade level classroom crew (22 parents in all) beginning this year. Each Crew Parent will be important for helping the crew to be a more connected community, primarily through engagement with the Parent/Teacher Organization.

What is the job description? 

  1. Create an email group with all the parents for your crew (fairly easy as there is an excel of these posted on the PTO site already sorted by grade level!)
  2. Introduce yourself via email to the parents in your crew
  3. Solicit feedback from your crew regarding ways the PTO can enhance the school community. The PTO has money for social activities for each crew. This is a great way for crews to build relationships and form a stronger community.
  4. Be a key communicator between the PTO and parents in your crew to ensure that ideas, questions, and concerns are being shared.
  5. Make parents aware of volunteer opportunities and help recruit volunteers for PTO needs.

Key Questions?

  • What is the time commitment for this? Honestly, as much or as little as your time allows. Minimally it would be time to engage in #s 1-4 above, and beyond that, it is based on your interest and ability to support the school community.
  • Can I do this if I work full-time outside of the home? Absolutely! The time commitments are minimal and all communications can be sent in the evenings.

This is a fantastic way to be involved, stay informed of what is going on in the school and the PTO, and to ensure that other parents are in the loop!

Of course, we can’t do any of this without you volunteering for this very important role! Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to be the point person for your crew!

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