Confirm Teacher Selection on MHL

If you placed your lunch order and your teacher name was not on the selection list or if your teacher changed grades this year, please be sure to login to your My Hot Lunchbox account and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT TEACHER NAME AND GRADE SELECTED.  (This data was updated last week online once teacher assignments for the year were made available to us.)

This is critical for the elementary school since lunch is delivered to the classroom.  Middle school students should be fine, however, since lunches are delivered by grade.

To check:

  • login to your MHL account
  • select MY ACCOUNT
  • select USER PROFILE from the gray bar
  • highlight your student’s name
  • click on SELECT next to the “location” field and choose your teacher’s name
  • click on UPDATE PROFILE to save

For general information on the optional lunch program click here.

Thank you!


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