Important Note To Parents

Dear Exploris Parents,

It has been a great honor representing you all as Exploris PTO President each of the past two years. The responsibility has been an incredibly rewarding one, and I am deeply appreciative to so many of you for volunteering your time and talents to support Exploris and the amazing teachers and staff that are helping to develop our children.

The PTO bylaws allow for a President to only serve for 2 1-year terms; therefore, it is now time for someone else to have this opportunity. The 2017-18 PTO President position needs to be filled as soon as possible. Please email or call me if you are interested in learning more. Please consider all of the below advantages of this role before you think that you don’t have time or that it may be too much work (it’s not!).

  • You will have a direct impact on enriching our one-of-a-kind Exploris community by actively participating in planning discussions with our Executive Director and have visibility into all the great things happening at the school as well as areas where the school can continue to improve.
  • You will have a voting seat on the Exploris Board and will have the opportunity to represent all current parents and teachers with your board vote.
  • You will get to know and develop a much deeper appreciation for the incredible men and women who are leading, influencing, and spending so much time with our children.
  • You have an entire school of volunteers who are willing to help! In fact, for most PTO activities, my primary role was simply to double check with volunteers to ensure they had what they needed to get the job done and approve the expenses to make it happen.
  • The PTO Board is happy to assist and advise wherever possible, and I will be here next year in the position of Past President (which is on the PTO Board) to help out and to answer any questions you may have.

If you are passionate about your child’s/children’s education and want the opportunity to make a difference, please consider volunteering for this position and contact me to learn more! We will need to make a decision about the PTO Board’s 2017-18 President nominee by May 15th so please contact me as soon as possible!


Brooke Somers

email: or mobile: 919-247-2775


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