End Of Year Teacher Gift Collection

Dear Parents,

The end of the school year has arrived!  To thank our teachers and staff for their endless energy, caring ways, and amazing creativity, the PTO will be coordinating an end-of-year gift. Click here for more information.

As our children have many, many teachers on a regular basis at Exploris, the PTO offers the completely optional opportunity for you to contribute towards a cash gift divided among your grade’s teachers, specialists, and staff.

To participate, please send in your contribution to either Mae or Mary Margaret in a sealed envelope marked with the following information:  “End of Year Gift – GRADE – Child’s Name (or children’s names) by the morning of WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7th.  Cash or checks (made payable to Exploris PTO) are fine. 

You can now pay ONLINE!!  Go HERE to make your donation.  Please make a note to us during checkout with the names and grades of your children.


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