PTO Board and Budget Vote

If you are a parent/guardian of a currently enrolled Exploris student or a current teacher or staff member, the PTO would appreciate your vote!

We are excited to announce the group of amazing volunteers who we are recommending for the PTO Board for the 2017-18 school year! Brooke Somers has moved to approve each of these people for the positions as described.  Christine Hutchens has seconded this motion.  These positions are as follows:

President:  Shann Burroughs
Treasurer: Tessa Tanis
Secretary:    Shannon White
VP of Building and Grounds:   Shannon Burroughs
VP of Communications: Renee Anderson
VP of Volunteers: Alissa Hennen

Additionally, the proposed 2017-18 PTO budget can be found here.  Please review it and contact Brooke or Christine if you have any questions otherwise please vote! Brooke has moved to approve the budget as attached and Christine seconds the motion.




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