2018-2019 Carpool Map Is Ready!

The 2018-2019 Carpool Map is ready to roll! Be sure to fill out the Carpool Form and your data will be added to the map. This is a manual process, therefore the map will be updated on a regular basis, but not automatically. The date and time of the latest update will be posted. For this upcoming school year, we have included anyone that has filled out the Carpool Form from June and July of this year. Please check to make sure you are on the map, and if you are not, go ahead and fill out the Carpool Form again, and you will be added.

The Carpool Map is password protected. The password will be shared in the private Facebook Group or you can ask a friend. If you are new to the school and not yet added to the Parent/Guardian Facebook Group, you can email Renee Anderson for the Carpool Map password.

Check out the Carpool Map!