Monday Minute: Teacher Snacks, Lottery, Dance Request and Fundraising

There is a lot of new content this week in this Monday Minute so take a second to look over everything!

Teacher Snacks

Our teachers are working hard and they deserve some love. Every month (on the 10th) we hope that you will join us in bringing in teacher snacks. In order to make sure they receive a good variety of food/ drink we have assigned each grade certain foods to bring (of course they will accept anything, so don’t let the list prevent you from bringing in anything). You can drop off your treats in carpool on either campus and they will go towards stocking up the teachers lounge on that campus.

Please remember that both campuses are completely NUT FREE. Coffee can be ground or KCup.

Bring in any time between now and February 10th for this round of food!

Questions? Email

Lottery Deadline Approaching

The 2023/ 2024 Exploris Lottery closes FEBRUARY 3. If you have a sibling that needs a seat next year, make sure you get your application in before the lottery ends to get lottery priority. Please share with friends that the date is approaching, once the lottery deadline has passed any applications received will automatically go to the end of the waitlist.

Middle School Dance Location Scouting

Do you have a personal connection to an event location in or around Raleigh? The PTO is looking to book a spot for our spring Middle School dance! The space needs to hold a minimum of 200 people and available May 12. We are looking for anyone in our community who has a friend, family or work connection that can help us (think ballroom, clubhouse, country club etc.).

Please contact Event Chair, Carrie Kressmann at if you have a lead.



Did you know that there are organizations in our community that will give back to Exploris if you tell them you are in our community? For instance, are you using Mathnasium? If you tell them you go to school at Exploris, they will automatically send us $5. It costs you nothing! Check with places you frequent to see if they have similar programs.

Remember we also partner with Harris Teeter, Publix, Lowes Foods, and Box Tops for Education, every little bit helps and because it is Passive Fundraising, it costs you nothing to participate!