So much information! Welcome to the new Exploris PTO web site and blog. 

It may be a little overwhelming to contemplate all this new info, so here are some steps to follow to make sure you get the most out of the site. If you have a question or a thought about something you see, please feel free to post in the comments section.

  1. Follow the Blog – Click Follow PTO Blog via Email to the right of this post. Fill out the required fields and sign up to get all new blog posts emailed to you automatically. We’ll be posting news, requests for help, polls asking your opinions, and maybe even a few pictures. By following the blog, you can be sure you won’t miss anything.
  2. Add the new Exploris PTO Google calendar – Click on the calendar page above and view the wonder that is Google.  All PTO events, and we hope all school events, will be accurately listed here so that you don’t have to keep updating your own calendar. You can add the Exploris PTO calendar to your own Google calendars by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner of the calendar.  Questions?  Click here to read an FAQ I wrote for an elementary school about Google calendar.
  3. Fill out our Parent Involvement Form – I updated the original Parent Registration form, so now it’s much smaller and much faster to fill out.  Check under PTO Forms to find it, or click here.  If you filled out the old form, don’t worry.  We still have your info and you don’t need to worry about the new one.
  4. Check the list of loyalty cards to the right and link any you may have forgotten. Exploris can earn thousands of dollars each year if everyone remembers to link!
  5. Check out any fundraising opportunities you might have missed under the “Earn && for EMS” page.
  6. Read through the blog entries and look around the pages – Content is updated frequently, so if you aren’t following the blog, you probably missed something.

We are still getting the site up to speed, so please be patient as we finish putting the final touches on.

Questions?  Suggestions?  Email Khristi.


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