November/December Exploris PTO Update

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I know all of you are busy this time of year but, I did want to let you know some important information.

Teacher Holiday Gifts

At Exploris our children have many teachers on a regular basis. So, at the holidays we have developed a tradition of collecting money to purchase each teacher a VISA/Mastercard gift card. 90% of each grade level’s contribution is divided equally among four teachers. The remaining 10% is divided equally among the global arts teachers and staff. This is a completely optional program.

If you would like to participate in the holiday collection for the teachers and staff please put your contribution in a sealed envelope marked with your child’s name, grade and prime group teacher’s name. Also, if you would like to receive a confirmation email that your contribution was received please include your email address. Deliver the envelope to Mary Margaret between December 3rd and December 12th.

Lunch Next Quarter

Due to quality inconsistency, we will be switching from Z-pizza to Bada Bing Pizza, a locally owned restaurant in Raleigh, for the next semester. We are also working with Moe’s to hopefully add another day of lunch. You should expect to see lunch forms come home after the new year.

School Registration information – 8th Graders

Parent’s of 8th grade students, please be aware that if you plan for your child to attend a Wake County school next year that you will have to re-enroll your child with Wake County School system. You will need to contact your base school to find out the forms and documents you have to provide in order to complete registration. Please visit the WCPPS website for more information and timelines. Please note that you will need to register beginning December 12th, and your child must be registered at their base school before they can apply to any magnet schools.

If you would like to register at Raleigh Charter High School please be aware that there are informational meetings being held at the school on January 24. 2013 and February 1, 2013. Applications must be mailed and postmarked no earlier than January 25 and no later than February 25, 2013.

Finance Report

Thank all of you for your support of our soap sale and a BIG shout out to Sherri Maleki for running the soap sale. We made approximately $1200 over the budgeted amount of $3,000!

The school collected $428 in Box Tops this collection period, with the 8th grade winning the competition for most box tops collected.

Kroger Cares now has 50 participants and Exploris families and the PTO will be sharing our first rebate check of $525 for the months of October and November! This program runs year round so keep using your cards. Gas, groceries, and merchant gift cards all apply towards the earning so keep this in mind for your holiday shopping. For more information visit our website;

At the November PTO Board meeting, the PTO approved a mini grant to the 7th grade for books in the amount of $1050.00

PTO Needs

The PTO is in need of a president-elect for the remaining school year. Please contact Tammi Garceran at garceran1 if you are willing to help.

Parenting Resources

Need some family support during your child’s adolescent years? One resource that families at Exploris have been happy with is Dr. Tammy Finch at Skill Sense. Tammy provides many wonderful workshops teaching practical and common sense life skills to tweens, teens, and parents. Workshops can include information on bullying, drugs, dating, and communication. She is also available for private sessions. For more information contact Tammy at tfinch or visit her website at

Happy Holidays!!!

Tammi Garceran, PTO President

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