Crew Parents

Please contact Allie at if you have questions about crew parents.

  • Crew Parents – One of the goals for the PTO is to support our teachers, and our Crew Parents are our direct connection between Teachers and the PTO.  The crew parent role has changed from past years, so please review the following expectations.
    • Organize parent volunteers as needed (SignUp Genius is great!)
      • Ongoing classroom needs
      • PTO Projects (Art By Me, Auction, etc)
      • Field Trips
      • Special Events
    • Assemble Birthday Baskets for your classroom teachers
      • Birthday cards, their favorite treat, a small gift card for coffee or dinner
      • Parents can send in items or you can collect money
    • Teacher Treats
      • Each grade will be responsible for providing teacher treats and coffee once every 3 months.
      • It is up to you how you send in treats, but no pressure – our teachers are so thankful for everything we do!

Thanks to our 2019-20 Crew Parents!   If you’d like to sign up for 2020-21, please reach out. We’ll be working on updating this list soon. 





Crew Parent(s) 2019-20:

Stacey Carothers

*K Jessica Jessie Voci Lisa Averitte
1st Ashley Stacey Carothers
1st Maggie Brooke Hedrick
2nd Rachel Kary Hemingway
2nd Martha Holly Wagner
3rd Adele
3rd Daniel Amy McLean Holly Dart
4th Robert Amy McLean
4th Annah
5th Leah Kyle Myers
5th Tom Olya Sydorovych
6th Shawna Jessica Williams
6th Kathryn Holly Dart Kristin Corson
6th Loren
6th Devon Paige Briggs
7th Mary
7th Helene Renee Anderson
7th Emily Christine Gschwind
7th Leah Sandy Parr
8th Cori Holly Dart
8th Jessie Ann Whitehurst
8th Shannon
8th Adrian


Updated 2-29-19