Exploris Carpool Form

carpoolThis year we are trying something new to help coordinate carpools a little more efficiently.

If you are interested in any type of carpool, including soccer, cross-country, and daily, please take a minute to fill out the Carpool Form.

If you have an established carpool and you’d like to add someone, fill it out.

Filling out the form does not put you under an obligation to carpool.  It’s just a way to let everyone know who might be interested in case a carpool could be worked out.

A map will be generated before or shortly after school starts and will be published on the Exploris PTO blog on a password protected page.  This map will let you find parents near you interested in carpooling.

The form is listed on this blog under “PTO Forms.”  You can also find the link here:


Questions? Email Khristi.

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