REMINDER: Don’t Forget to Send In Your Class Basket Donations on Monday


Donations of items for the Frolic class baskets are due tomorrow, Monday, 3/10.

Gift certificates make a great addition to baskets!

Teachers have selected themes for their prime groups or their classes, so please send in items that relate to your chosen theme(s). You can donate to more than one basket!

Questions? Need help with ideas for what to donate? Email Bridget Boldrin.  Be sure to put Exploris Frolic Basket in the action heading for your email.  


Bill – A Good Sport – Sports equipment and t-shirts, balls, fun stuff and sporting event gift certificates
Jamie – Art Supplies – Get Creative!
Eugene – NC State vs UNC – Who are you rooting for? Send in something to support your team!
Mary Margaret – Cameron Village – Items and gift certificates from nearby Cameron Village


Juliana – Coffee and Tea – Mugs, cups, pots, coffee, tea, and yummy treats
Loren- North Hills – Get it from or for North Hills
Devon – Into the Garden – Planters, seeds, garden tools, statues, chimes, etc.
NEW! Shannon – “Olive” Salts, and Vinegars – Plain and Flavored Vinegars and Olive Oils, Peppers, Salts, Spices, Measuring Cups and Spoons,etc.


Jodie – Chocolate – Anything Chocolate!
Sonja/Andrea – Ice Cream Dream – Ice-cream maker, what goes in and on the ice cream, recipe book, gift cards
Karen – Snack Time – Send in your favorite treat!
Laura – Drop Everything and Read – Books, magazines, pens, book lights, canvas carriers, pillows, gift certificates


Helene – Duct Tape and Fun and Games – Duct tape craft books and duct tape in all colors and styles. Also, board games, card games, puzzles, jump ropes, brain games, etc.
Leah – Bake a Cake – Cake Mixes, flour, sugar, cake pans, recipe books, measuring cups and bowls, etc.
Meredith –Nerf Fun – All things Nerf
Vaishali – Movie Night – Movies, popcorn, candy, movie theater gift cards

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