FYI: Shodor 2014 Summer Workshops Open for Registration

Exploris PTO

For middle and high school students who are interested in COMPUTERS, MATH and/or SCIENCE, Shodor offers a variety of explorations to satisfy their intellectual appetites during time away from school this summer.

Middle and high school students attend separate workshops during the week Monday – Friday
Most workshops are half-day sessions
(9 a.m. – noon) and (1 p.m.  –  4 p.m.)
Some are full day sessions (9 a.m. – 4 p.m.).

Summer 2013 WORKSHOPS:

High School (rising 9th-12th)

6/16 – 6/20     Programming Concepts
and Web Design

6/23 – 6/27    Advanced Programming Concepts
and Modeling Your World

7/14 – 7/18    Explorations in Engineering at Sigma Xi

7/28 – 8/1      Intro to iPhone App Development
and Parallel Universe

8/4 – 8/15      Shodor Scholars Program

Middle School (rising 6th-8th)

6/16 – 6/20    Explorations In Engineering at Sigma Xi
and Math Explorations at Sigma Xi

7/14 – 7/18    Forensic Science Investigations
and Modeling Your World

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