2014-15 Carpool Form is Now Open!

carpoolIf you are at all interested in carpooling, please fill out the 2014-2015 Carpool Form here. Filling out the form doesn’t mean you are obligated to carpool.

You will have the option to indicate interest in carpooling to elementary school, middle school, and both. You can also check off clubs and other activities your kids may be participating in.

One of our parents takes the carpool information and compiles it into a map where you can find other Exploris parents near you interested in carpooling. This map is password protected to protect our parents’ privacy. The password will be emailed to you when the first 2014-15 map is published.

The map will be published as soon as we get enough responses, and it will be updated frequently as more people respond. I will post to the blog whenever a new map is published.

Questions? Call Khristi Tomlinson at 919-272-3003.

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