7th Grade Supply List

** Note the 6th and 8th grade supply lists are not available yet, but will be posted as soon as we get them **


​​Supply List for 7th Grade 2014-2015


  •  Math 7: Calculator: TI-30X IIS (approx. $12.99 at Target, Staples, etc.)

  •  One pack loose leaf graph paper  (Math 7)

  •  Math I students: Calculator: TI 83 or higher (Please keep the manuals!)

  •  Math I students: One graph paper spiral notebook (multi-subject)

  • One 1.5 – 2 inch binder for math

  • One 2 inch binder for theme/communications (only one, not one for each!)

  • Composition book (most of you should have purchased this for your summer reading)

  • Spiral notebook (single subject size, please) for crew

  • Small box #2 Pencils

  • Supply of blue or black pens

  • Supply of red pens (non-gel)

  • Supply of loose leaf paper

  • 10 dividers for binders

  • Emergency lunch item – non-perishable, no cooking necessary, packaged for single serving (This will go into a general supply to be used by students who forget their lunches.)

  • Heavy duty rain poncho

  • Reusable hard plastic plate

  • Ream of white copy paper

ALSO, please bring the items assigned to your crew (listed below) by the end of the first week of school.

Jess’s Crew

Karen’s Crew

Laura’s Crew

Hannah’s Crew

one 12-pack of washcloths

1box (non-lotion) tissues

1 ream colored paper

2 boxes (non-lotion) tissues

1 multi-pack of sticky notes

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