Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad Enthusiasts,

If you were unable to attend the meeting on Sept. 9th – below are the two information forms that were provided.

We will have a student/participant meeting next Tuesday Sept 16th  in 8N where students will be assigned their events. So fill out the attached ‘Participation Interest Form’, rating each event on the scale provided in the table. We will try our best to assign you to your first choices but we cannot guarantee any events for you.

It is a must that these forms be turned in on Monday Sept 15th – NO later than 3:15pm.

Please make sure the names, phone numbers and email addresses are legible.  If the students are in 6th grade, have them come upstairs in the morning to bring them to 8th grade.

If you are unable to attend Tuesday – we will host a Wednesday meeting next week  – Sept 17th  in 8N so that all students are on board with the events they have been assigned. Use the following website to research any information about the events you are curious about.

Thanks so much & please direct any questions you have to Helene at We are looking forward to great year of science activity, discovery and excitement with our team.


Helene & Jess

Brief Event description 2014-2015

Participation Form for each student 2014


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