Did you post an item you can donate to Exploris to the Flickr account?

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 3.06.10 AMYou know how we asked you to post any items you could donate to Exploris to be used at the elementary school to the Flickr account? Well, you guys posted some really great stuff, but lots of you left out who you are. We want the bookshelves! We need the storage cabinets! ( And especially the fridge!) But we don’t know who to contact to arrange to get them.

If you have posted a

  • bookshelf
  • storage cabinet
  • FRIDGE!!!
  • couch, stool, table, chair….
  • games

or if you just realize you have one to donate, please email me with a picture and the best way to contact you.

We need shelving to store things, 2 larger fridges, bookshelves for the library, conference tables and chairs for the work rooms, comfy seating, storage cabinets, possibly nice area rugs. If you have any of these items in GOOD shape, please either email me or post them to the Flickr account. Here’s the page with instructions on how to do so:


Don’t forget to include who you are and how to contact you in the body of the email!

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