We’re looking for common household items for the 7th grade project.

Dear Exploris Parents,

Our creative, innovative seventh grade students are at it again!  They are developing and manufacturing up-cycled product lines.  They will be selling these products at the Exploris Craft Fair in late November/early December.  Students are looking for a variety of recyclable goods. We would be most grateful if you could donate your used items to our 7th grade manufacturing entrepreneurs.

Please note we have asked students to recycle as much as possible.  They should avoid asking parents to buy supplies that are not normal school supplies (such as paint, glue, etc..).

Students are looking for the following donations:
Bottle Caps
Ribbon Scraps
Old white socks – washed and without holes
Fabric Scraps (fleece if possible)
Yarn Scraps
Paper Towel Rolls
Paper Clips
Soda Tabs
String (twine)
Old Keys
Small glass jars with lids
Unwanted/gently used candles
Key chain rings
Old Cereal Boxes
Wooden building blocks (any shape/size/color)
A 7th grade “donated items box” will be placed on the bench at the the entrance of school.  Please drop any donations here :).

Thank you very much!

The 7th grade teaching team

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