8th Grade Babysitting Service for the Adult Social

What: Babysitting service by 8th Graders

When: The night of the Adult Social (Wed., Oct. 22) from 5:15-8:15

Where: The Exploris Middle School location (3 blocks from CAM)

Why: The 8th graders are earning money to help finance their Outward Bound trip this spring. For more about the Outward Bound trip which all 8th Graders participate in every year, check out this link

How Much: The suggested donation is $5/child for every hour you use the service, but you can always give them more!

Please take a minute to sign up your child, and include the child’s age, so that we can be sure we have enough 8th volunteers to handle the crowd.


Signing up is not a committment to attend, and you can still bring your child if you don’t sign up. This is just to help us get a general idea of how many kids to expect.

NOTE: Dinner will NOT be provided. With the number of kids and the possible mess, we don’t want to destroy the 6th grade classrooms for school on Thursday.

Questions? Email Meredith, 8th Grade Teacher

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