Bring in those Box Tops! (Deadline Oct 21st)

Hello, parents! Our school receives two checks from the Box Tops for Education™ program each school year. If you turn in your Box Tops before Wednesday, October 21 you can help boost the amount of the first check we receive in December! But don’t wait until the deadline…send in those Box Tops now!! Our school’s Box Tops have to be submitted by November 2, 2015 to be included in our December check. Hurry, clip your Box Tops and turn them in before the deadline.

It’s fun and easy! Below are some optional tips that’ll make the submission process easier:
• Bundle your Box Tops in groups of 10 or 50 using a sealable bag or envelope
• If you are also collecting Tyson Project A+ or Labels for Education, please separate those items into individual bags.

 You can drop them off at either the middle or elementary school. We’ll be picking up what’s been collected again on October 2 and October 16. We would welcome you to send in what you have collected by those dates rather than waiting until October 21 to turn so feel free to send in what you have collected piecemeal. You don’t have to wait until October 21st to turn everything at once. Thanks for your help!

Any questions please contact Angie Wright or Stacy Young.

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