School Funding – Important!

There has been much rhetoric regarding proposed legislation to fund charter schools differently than they’ve been funded since 2010.

As a parent and supporter of our charter school, I feel the need to keep you all informed regarding some important proposed legislation.

Here is a link to House Bill 539. Begin reading at SECTION 2.(a)

Additionally, here is an article that appeared on WRAL’s site yesterday:

Regardless of your views on a variety of political topics, here are the facts that you should be aware of regarding Exploris and its funding:

  • Exploris is a public school.  Any student can attend regardless of academic aptitude, socio-economic level, race, disability, gender, religion, etc.
  • Exploris is held accountable for the same outcomes as district schools. If any charter school is not performing with regards to governance, finances, or student achievement, it can be closed by the state.
  • Prior to 2010, charter schools received an equal per pupil share of all local revenue dedicated to education.
  • Exploris anticipates that it will receive $2,154,856 in state funding this year.
  • Exploris anticipates that it will receive $913,494 in local funding this year, approximately $814,000 of which will come from Wake County.
  • While Wake County brought in $69,294,553.77 that it dedicated for facilities last year, Exploris received no money for facilities.
  • Exploris paid out  $1,107,736.36 for facility costs last year.  Since facilities aren’t factored into state and local monies, Exploris had to use money that otherwise would have gone to instruction or would otherwise support students.  This further inhibits the school from implementing lunch and transportation programs. School districts have no such funding gap since their facilities are paid for and they have access to other sales tax ad valorem revenue.
  • Any increase in either state or local monies that goes to Exploris decreases the above funding gap.

I wanted to share the above information so that parents can consider the school’s funding and the impact that this type of legislation could have on Exploris. This bill is being discussed now so time is of the essence. Parents in support of this legislation can take action here: Fair Funding

Thank you for taking the time to stay informed about our school!


  1. Question: If this bill were to pass in its current form, would Exploris then begin providing lunch services and student transportation?

  2. We love Exploris. We have loved Exploris since the day I first stepped inside its doors, almost 5 years ago. With that said, I want to gently point out that making statements about the availability of the school to anyone, regardless of socio-economic level, is only accurate as far as policy goes. Attending Exploris requires a commitment to transportation time and expenses that not all families can make – even with carpool availability. In addition, the volunteer requirements, which most of us are happy to fulfill, would likely be problematic for lower income families, who may have only one parent or who have jobs that do not allow for flexible scheduling.

    I only mention this here because I do know that Exploris would like to be more accessible to all and Summer has pointed out several times that we are working on achieving a more diverse student body. We can only achieve that when we start with an honest examination of all the factors in play. I personally feel so grateful to have my kids here, but I also recognize that my family is privileged to make that choice. Funding for NC public schools, including charter schools, is no where near where it needs to be, and all sides of this debate have legitimate points to make. I appreciate the post about the current bill and only suggest that we as a community should be mindful, in discussions and comments, of the differences between policy and reality.

    PS: Apologies for my numerous run-on sentences and over-use of commas. Sorry, ELA teachers! 😉

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