Exploris Fall Adult Social Countdown – 1 day!

We hope you join us Wednesday at the Contemporary Art Museum for the Fall Adult Social (even if you haven’t had a chance to RSVP). We’ve gotten a few questions – so we prepared some answers. Take a read!

Why is the event in the middle of the week? Why not hold it on Saturday night?

The Contemporary Art Museum is a highly sought after space. CAM is very generous with us during the weekday! If you have access to a great space where we can host next year’s event on a weekend, please let us know!

What is the dress code?

Pretty much anything goes. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Exploris students and staff should come to school dressed to get dirty, and since many staff will be coming straight from school, we probably won’t see too many Michelle Obama worthy gowns. No tuxedos needed.  If you work from home and want an opportunity to get dressed up or you just found the perfect outfit, but have nowhere to wear it, by all means – knock yourself out. If you’re a gym teacher or a spin instructor and you need to come straight from work, just put on some deodorant!

Can I bring my kids?

Well, it is the Fall ADULT Social. At Exploris, we focus a lot on our students, but this is an opportunity for the parents, faculty, and board to get together. We hear there are 8th graders who may be certified babysitters and who are looking to make money to pay for their Outward Bound trip.

Why is the Adult Social so close to the Picnic?

Well, I’ll let Milli Vanilli handle that one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rB0Le3oM1b8

What time do I need to be there?

The event starts at 5:30 – we’ll have food trucks and beer and wine available. We have a few people who will speak briefly at about 6:30 – you don’t want to miss that part. And we’ll wrap up by 8:30. If you can stick around to help clean up and load tables into the back of a van, that would be great! I promise, no Milli Vanilli at the event! 

This is the kick off for the Annual Fund – should I bring a credit card?

We’ll be able to take checks at the event, but if you want to make your contribution using a credit card, we ask that you make your donation using the link on the Exploris webpage. Credit card companies take a percentage of the fees and the Exploris Paypal electronic donation option is the least expensive method. This allows us to use more of your donation for the school and send less to the credit card companies.

But what about to pay for my beer or wine?

We aren’t technically allowed to sell beer and wine, but we can accept donations. So bring your ones and fives. Heck, bring your tens and twenties. The money raised helps cover the cost of the beer and wine and any extra goes into a fund for teacher stash!

Hey- the teachers are going to be there too? Can I just use this time to have my parent/teacher conference so I don’t have to schedule a separate meeting with them?

The teachers are attending the event because they are integral part of the Exploris community. But they are off-duty. They would love to talk to you, but please use this time to get to know them. Find out about what their kids do, or where they went to school, or what they do over the summer.

— Kristi Pettibone

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