Additional Teacher Appreciation “Treat” Ideas for Thursday…

This week is “Teacher Appreciation Week.”  As a part of that, Thursday is the scheduled day to bring in a note/card and a small token of appreciation/treat.  Here are some ideas and a list of “treats” each teacher enjoys…

  1. Gift cards for “Happy and Hale” – they deliver to the school. (ES/MS)
  2. Gift cards for “Person Street Pharmacy,” “Daily Planet,” or “Starbucks” – These are spots the elementary school teachers go to on Fridays for planning. (primarily ES)
  3. Lunch Credit for “My Hot Lunchbox” (ES/MS) –
    If you would like to purchase a lunch credit for your teacher from My Hot Lunchbox, simply log into your My Hot Lunchbox account, click “Order”, and select “Edit” for May 9th, 10th, or 11th. At the bottom of the menu, under ADD-ONS, you will see “Teacher Appreciation TREAT MY TEACHER!”. You can purchase credits in $5 increments to be applied to your teacher’s account. Note that this is a credit on your teacher’s account, not a meal on that exact day.  Credits do not expire and will be available for use next school year, if necessary.
    IMPORTANT: Please click on the item “Teacher Appreciation TREAT MY TEACHER!” and fill out the quick form. Please fill out one form per teacher with the credit amount to be applied. This allows us to send an email to the teacher on your child’s behalf.
  4. Some of their favorite snacks/treats – Teacher Treats

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