Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week! 5/7-5/11 (UPDATED)

Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week is coming up May 7th – May 11th!  This year’s theme is “You Keep it Fresh.”  We have multiple opportunities for you to participate and help thank our teachers and staff!

(Accommodations will be made for the 7th grade due to their overnight field trip)

  • Monday – ”Fresh Start” Teacher/Staff Breakfast (at both campuses) and Take home dinners (for half of Teachers/Staff).  
    • Teachers/Staff will enjoy fresh bagels, fruit and coffee.  See sign up link below.
  • Tuesday – “Keeping it Fresh!” Potted Plants (at both campuses)
    •  Bring in fresh plants, flowers or herbs for Teachers/Staff.  See sign up link below.
  • Wednesday – ”Fresh Food!” Take home dinners (for remaining half of Teachers/Staff ) See sign up link below.
  • Thursday – “Soul Refresh”
    • Send in a notes, cards of encouragement, candies, treats or tokens of appreciation to refresh the hearts and souls of our dedicated teachers and staff.  Need ideas?  See the link below for “Ideas for Teachers” 
  • Friday – “Refreshing Friday” Cookie Cart for Staff/Teachers and Fresh Cut Flowers
    •  Teacher/Staff will enjoy an afternoon pick-me-up with treats by Insomnia Cookies, sponsored by PTO
    •  Children bring in a fresh cut flower from yard for teacher and staff members.  (Flowers vases for each teacher/staff provided by PTO)


CLICK HERE to see all of the details for the week and sign up to bring food & meals.

CLICK HERE for the special “Potted Plants” sign up

CLICK HERE for Teacher Meal & Treat ideas


Feel free to sign up for more than one thing.  We love overachievers 🙂 and it takes us all working together to make this a great week for our Teachers and Staff!!   Thank you for making them feel appreciated!!!

Contact Heather Faucette (hbfaucette@me.com) or Robin Jackson (rpjackson4@gmail.com) with questions.